Sunday, October 17, 2004


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

hoggoblinist (n.) any prominent bugbear whose hogwild, hobnobbing days with the hog-tied hoi polloi, (in a hoity-toity, if not sometimes higgledy-piggledy manner), invariably qualifies him as the right candidate for any left-of-center, middle-of-the-road, mind-boggling political party

e.g., The Piglet Party of the New World (PPNW) announced yesterday that its candidate in the constituency of Leading Tickles, (a well-known stronghold of hard-line heffalumps), would be Dr. Porfer Poog -- a newcomer to the ranks of the hoggoblinists with a “hot” if not peppy music video that’s sure to impress hard-to-reach vapidly-minded voters, and stay-at-home pachyderms demanding more vaudeville acts on the parliamentary debate TV channel.

Contributed by: Pishpek Frunze, a retired hot-water meter maid and the only amateur juggling unicyclist in the Knud Rasmussen Land winter festival (in Northern Greenland just north of Baffin Bay)