Thursday, February 10, 2005


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

liva voce (n.) the lingering echo sound (made by a rousing morning shower songstress or a ditty dandy) that tends to reverberate or bounce off porcelain tiles and glass walls in a wild and wooly manner

e.g. Having doffed his flannel pajamas none to soon in order to commence his early morning ablution ritual, Bacchus Tyrwhitt-Fectue decided it was an opportune moment to reflect on two vital life-issues: (1) why had he purchased a pair of flannel pajamas on sale with a convenient trap-door on the backside and decorated with an odd combination of ubiquitous smiley faces chasing little pink salamanders? and (2) why had he ended up as a government drone in a dead-end, cog-in-a-wheel post with precious little hope of becoming “Employee of the Month”?, (which led to yet another equally perplexing problem as to why the remnants of liva voce were prompting him to consider expanding his haunting musical repertoire ?... perhaps more in keeping with his milquetoast mood).

Contributed by: Lucretius Pichetshotte, a remarkable individual from Peekskill, (an unusual place just north of Yonkers, New York), who can do three astounding and completely unrelated things all at once: think cleverly inside a box, play a flutophone with his left hand, and juggle with apparent ease, three gizzard-shaped bouncing balls with his right foot)