Monday, December 20, 2004


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

lotherwitling (n.) a classic tongue-in-cheek, long-in-the-mouth, stick-it-in-your-ear sort of person

e.g. Not wanting to seem too innocent or too eager in courting the lusty loup-garou from Manitou, the lotherwitling flossed his buck teeth, powdered his long flexible snout, and polished his PowerPoint presentation all of which was designed to impress her family members comprised of three thingamybobs, five pepperoni pizza potentates, and one potty patriarch planted ever so precariously on a collapsible lawn chair beside a backyard bathtub filled with gin-flavored hard-pink-lemonade garnished with far too many yellow rubber duckies.

Contributed by: Prud'homme Pontypool, a talented phrase-mongering graduate of Lady Jane's Finishing School for Flatfoots & Flatulators, and now rendering services as a personal digital assistant to a comfortably well-off family from Bucksnort, Tennessee who are proud owners of six flivvers (beyond repair), two venomous vipers (called Adam and Eve naturally), fourteen rabbits (far too many names to recall), and a foul-mouthed parrot, named "F...-off"