Wednesday, February 02, 2005


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

thinkle-hitch (n.) a runaway train of thought that stops dead in its tracks for no apparent reason whatsoever

e.g. The cupboard door opened surreptitiously while a can of broccoli and cheese soup stood by watching helplessly as a rather large box of dried prunes (caught caressing a pumpernickel loaf) fell off the shelf landing sideways on a banana peel, (that happened to be lying conveniently on a well manicured floor -- well before the thinkle-hitch had a chance to hail a dimly-lit shooting star passing by in search of her destiny as a high-school prom King or Queen, based on her current bank balance and sparkly remainder items found at Sam's Club).

Contributed by: Hernando Onsworth Punic, resident of Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia and best-selling author of an eclectic, esoteric, and ever-so entertaining epileptic thriller based on life in a tiny town of topsy-turvy no one even knew existed entitled, "Top-Secret Tempest In -- A Teapot, A Toaster, or Was It A Trashcan? -- Only time will tell..." followed by a slick, spell-binding sequel called, "The Mystery of Long-Lost Socks in the Dryer".