Sunday, October 31, 2004


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

leaflorn (n.) a denuded type of bushwhacker whose wild wilderness tendencies and lusty bites into virgin forests are unlikely to lead to a naturist tryst

On Golden Swamp is about a moon-struck maxilliped (the usual crusty sort on the outside but a bit of a warm whangdoodle on the inside) and a leaflorn loadstone (played by a 5,000 year-old fossil) whose dead-pan performance is sure to stun an enchanted audience into a well-deserved respose of the soul (somewhere far far away in an equally despondent universe).

Contributed by: Chisholm T. Maulstick, (from Two-Dot, Montana), an enigmatic, semi-colon sort of person whose eclectic contributions to humanity include a school science project on the at-risk behavior exhibited by siblings of badgers with poor-parenting skills, tips on how to build a fool-proof heffalump hutch, and where to find the best private collection of kewpie dolls in the world