Thursday, November 04, 2004


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

brain-swiveller (n.) one who’s not sure whether one is coming or going; (not to be confused with other pretentious peewit personalities such as the "Speckled Scatterbrain", the "Boston Birdbrain", the "Belching Babbler", the "Gawking Giddy-Head", the "Raucous Rattlehead", and lesser known subcategories of "Decadent Dingbats" and "Dry Run Drivelers", all of whom live in a rather grand gallumping sort of galaxy called Zebulon)

e.g., He gazed in silence at the witchy way the pagans flew over the cuckoo’s nest, his eyes reflecting the brain-swiveller’s keen sense of wonder at the unexpected arrival of the Gormless Reaper, a notorious gadabout, (with a grimacing if not ill-fitting set of dentures --purchased at the Saturday craft market in Woonsocket, Rhode Island).

Submitted by: Sir Grimsley Gilt-Edge, former member of the British House of Lords and now gourmet watercress sandwich-maker at the popular "Glasscock" wet bar in Gun Barrel City, in the Lone Star State of course, (and happily married for fourteen frivolous years to a cute cussing cowgirl from Cut-and-Shoot, Texas)