Friday, November 05, 2004


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

NYAU -- Not-Your-Average-Universe, (n.) a waddling, wagging, walloping, warbling sort of place that’s never heard of walkie-talkies, walking papers, war whoops, wash and wear briefs, waterproof nymphs, waxed moustaches, webmasters, wet-nurses, wedding planners, wheelers and dealers, big whoppers, white elephants, windbags, withholding taxes, wordsmiths, Worshipful Masters, wrinkled wenches, or warm and fuzzies for that matter

e.g. “If NYAU is so hot”, said the brick-faced bouncer from the Happy-Go-Lucky Bar in a constipated corner of Cuddabackville, New York, “… then how come they’ve got no creative accountants, sly-boot lawyers or two-gun Texas Rangers running the place?”

Contributed by: Slink Tunkhannock, (from Goosepimple Junction, Virginia), a mild-mannered muse whose perturbations include why the cookie of life often gets completely stomped on, squished beyond recognition and obliterated by the inscrutable forces of gravity and time, but more likely by individuals of unsound mind