Sunday, February 20, 2005


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

botoxicated (adj.) descriptive of artificially seductive eyelids, lewd laugh lines, or libidinous loose lips

e.g. Grenadine Shrewsbury, (a frustrated optimist with a devil-may-care-attitude in a dead-end job as a happiness-challenged bartender at a rather seedy West Hollywood dive), realized that she needed help to extricate herself from a buxom botoxicated bar-fly named Wilhelmina Vegas (who was caught like a moth on a piece of fly-paper) in the company of one "Billy-Bob Briggs", (a part-time lounge lizard and law school dropout who suffered from a mild case of the plague complicated by lingering halitosis not to mention malignant midlife crisis, but appreciated a pretty pair of shades and fishnet stockings when he saw them).

Contributed by: Wolfgang Liverpool, a bald bookworm and boring bachelor whose days as a Celtic flute player were clearly over, until through the magic of transfiguration, he found his true calling as a flying carpet repairman in Kabul, Afghanistan