Sunday, July 23, 2006


Newest Addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

nixpert (n.) one who is paid to delete expletives, after the fact, from public comments made by very important people whose brazen bit of blankety blank blather was inadvertently broadcast to every one and his dog, proving once again the vital role played by the Booboisie

e.g. As the President of Pancakes, Popcorn & Porkbellies leaned over to ruminate upon a big baloney sandwich recently rescued from a plate of wimpy watercress wedgies, he noticed that his eminent colleague, (a blatherskite from Bubble & Squeak Land) had what appeared to be a stupefied look on his usually misbegotten mug featuring a rather sanctimonious stiff upper lip; he then realized that his blase brand of blurts and bleeping boo boos about how to send unwelcome relatives and vexing visitors packing with the aid of voice-activated whoopee cushions and 'smart' stink bombs would undoubtedly keep the army of nixperts on the government payroll employed for yet another day in the larger than life saga of the greatest grand pooh bah the world had ever known.

Contributed by: Suzie and Shuck Low-Beer, high-school sweethearts from way back then and currently co-owners of the George & Dragon Suds Shoppe, in Dry Prong, Louisiana