Thursday, November 08, 2007


Newest addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

sintillation: (n.) a tingly feeling in the toes common to tarty hearts and clowns who let their foot slip one too many times

As Esmerelda Henchwench, (a precocious primrose pathfinder and picayune polyglot of some renown whose favorite perfume is "musk turtle"), approached her panting paramour, (a chap by the name of Herman Ludwig Ferdinand von Heliogabalus whose pastimes include riding hobbyhorses, tossing tiddlywinks in a pot, and flipping blades in a mind-numbing game of mumblety-peg), she realized that the last time she had partaken of a role in the hay with Herman, he had worn silver spurs which besides leaving a great welt on her backside also caused severe sintillation in her excited extremities requiring the immediate attention of three physicians, her personal astrologer, and a frigging farmer, (the latter arrived on the scene with a pitchfork in hand that did little to relieve her agonizing anxiety).

Contributed by: George Mushroom-Cloud, a delightful duckhunter and music-box collector from Teaneck, New Jersey, home of such famous people as actress, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) and mobster, Mickey Featherstone (now in the Witness Protection Program).

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