Sunday, November 21, 2004


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

dinglewort (n.) one whose deepmusing and swooning days are over

e.g. Having committed a major faux-pas with the wicked wenches from the Castle of Kerfuffle, and trifled with the off-beat affections of one too many truculent hand-maidens from The Minxy Menagerie, the disquixotted, dansey-headed dinglewort sipped on a pint of dew-drink...(after jotting down the outline of his autobiography, The Life and Times of a Cabobbled Carpet Knight, and before visiting Lazor Lil's to permanently remove his laugh lines and well-worn wrinkles, all of which are in the wrong place).

Contributed by: George Buzznack, sole proprietor of “Butts-n-Sweets Shop” in Smackover, Arkansas and a quaint odds'n'ends store called “Frognot Fashions” in Toad Suck, (Arkansas naturally)