Thursday, November 11, 2004


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

sizzle-stomping (adj.) descriptive of a femme fatale with broad-shoulders, buck-teeth and a pair of mighty fine stainless-steel spurs

e.g., The sizzle-stomping hand-maiden let her bleach blonde hair down nonchalantly, only to have a gauche, out-of-practice carpet knight named "Dinglepot" ride by on a dromedary shouting various venal-sounding vulgar epithets like "Get lost you fonking fopdoodle!", "What makes you think I'm interested in a horsefeathered heanling like you?", "Take a hike you hufty-tufty hoddypeak!", "Who let you out of the whiffling wind-sucking whipperginny corral!" and the most crushing words of all, "Trust me, no one could mistake you for a Bellibone or a Poplolly".

Contributed by: Voltaire Charles Molesworth III, author of a self-help manual entitled, 25 Ways To Leverage Your Navel Gazing Talent for Fun & Profit, and part-time resident of Cat Elbow Corner, New York