Friday, July 15, 2005


A new addition to the Big Book of Bunkum:

catamorous (adj.) 1 a: descriptive of a frisky feline fashion statement on the loose b: related to a clever Casanova-calling critter c: concerned with a pleasant-looking, pawing, petting, purring sort of species with a great tail d: having a great deal in common with a premium-brand, pretentious Puss n’ Boots personality 2: causing, involving, or relating to the act of teasing, twirling, or toying with something before pouncing on it for fun

e.g. As he clobbered the clanging, clodhopping clock-radio before getting out of his Panglossian-brand palliasse, Sir Gaffney Glad-Hand, a cavorting, clumsy carpet knight of little renown, recalled the previous night of utter oblivion he had spent with a catamorous cocktail creature named Princess Poplolly he’d while waiting to see his favorite psychopannuchist, Daniel Dalfibble, BA, MBA, & Doctor of Whatnot whom he casually relied upon for advice to awaken his somnambulant sort-of-lost-soul which apparently had gone missing in a merry-go-sorry metaphysical incident at a place called “Cloud-Cuckooland”, (a theme-park devoted to creating an ethereal gathering place for old coots, codgers, and cockamamie cretins).

Contributed by: Gryphus Kiddliwink, a former full-time flatcar whacker from Cabbage Patch (California), and now a part-time Flower Pot Press worker and Flume Ride Operator in Two Egg, (Florida)